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GME- BUYER (12/9/20)
Before all the frenzy we sent this to clients on 12/9/20
GME- BUYER Our Bounce zone @ 14.89-13.82 is poised to be tested on gap lower today Day 1,
so we look to buy some with 13.82 holding 20 DMA @ 13.95 50 DMA @ 12.70 is below

 T- Buyer

Day 1 on gap lower

Our bounce zone @ 29.12-28.46

I would buy inside the zone

with 28.46 holding



BA- LT HOLD/ST buyer

Our LT bounce zone @ 192.83-180.73 is below and I would look to buy INSIDE the zone

200 DMA @ 176.25 is below



Our bounce zone @ 52.48-50.49 with the 200 DMA @ 50.13

I buy inside the zone

A CLOSE below the 200 DMA as a VERY ST exit

I will advise IF LT OS is triggered


 Ask for all others sent to clients today
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