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About Me

Member of the Market Technicians Association since 1987, providing clients 
Technical Analysis Research for over 30 years 

Contributor to TRADE EXCHANGE , REAL MONEY PRO section of THE

While at Clearview Trading Advisors Inc. provided hedge funds and broker dealers with my daily technical analysis research. At Knight Capital Group I produced a daily market technical research and advised sales traders and market makers upon their request. 

When working at a hedge fund, I produced the “Stock of the Day", a technical analysis research report and advised risk vs. reward of firm positions based on my custom technical analysis research. Traders would ask for technical analysis levels and if any long term signals were triggered during the trading day. 

During my tenure at Westfalia Investments I originated a third market trading desk. Our trading department received order flow from broker dealers. As orders were received, my team of traders handled all positions as I advised technical analysis research levels to maximize trading profits and reduce exposure.

Gary Berman
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