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Peter Prudden
Writer, Researcher and Portfolio Manager
I have had the pleasure of Gary's service for over a year now. He provides a value added service that few sell side sales traders offer. He earns every commission dollar by providing daily technical analysis and Fibonacci levels that correlate well with the movement of the market.
David Wehrle, CMT
Trader at Prospector Partners LLC
Gary Berman has consistently provided insightful, well thought out entry and exit points in the securities I focus on. Primarily utilizing Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) and Fibonacci retracement levels, he deciphers and recommends timely and sensible price points to engage in trading activity. Gary is adept at risk management as well, generally providing appropriate stop levels in the event a security's move extends beyond initial forecasts. Overall, Gary's technical work is creative, consistent, and adds value.
Bradley Richmond
Managing Director-Institutional Sales at Newport Coast Securities Inc.
Gary delivers expert technical analysis in a timely concise fashion. He is a benefit to any portfolio manager.
Michael J Levas
Founder & Managing Principal at Olympian Capital Markets Consulting, LLC
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Gary Berman, Gary is an outstanding Technical Analyst who consistently brings great trading ideas ( both long &short) across all the asset classes to the buyside.
Mike Yee
Gary has great insight in the technical aspects of the markets, be it equities or commodities like coffee. I turn to him at times to break down a chart for me. His calls have been well-timed.
Jon Najarian
Oct 2, 2015
Gary, I'm driven to be long/short on unusual activity in calls/puts or stock, but love your insights @THEFIBOCALL
Robert Simons
Oct 1, 2015
Listen up people. This guy knows what he´s talking about and is a great tool for your daily trading decisions worth
Steve Grasso
Mar 30, 2015
@THEFIBOCALL is where I get a lot of great charts from.

He has nailed many tremendous moves add him to your follows u won't regret
Mad Money on CNBC
27 Nov 2013
@THEFIBOCALL you sound like someone we know!
Robert Simons
Associate & Senior International Market Strategist
I´ve “known” THE FIBOCALL LLC and therefore Gary Berman for quite some time now and though not (yet) personally I feel I got to know the professional behind the website/service and an A ok up to date service he is providing for quite some time which stands out among the few serious ones for being that direct and precise without any emotional puha involved.

It shows the man has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to technical analysis which most certainly doesn´t come from the typical wet behind the ears kind of nitwit advisor trading and recommending investments. Therefore if you trade serious cash I most certainly recommend you to give Gary a try and decide for yourself. All the best out there and may Sors (the Roman God of Good Luck and Hunting) be with you!

Robert Simons Associate & Senior International Market Strategist SorsTrade SpA
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